Make Money Online By Writing Jokes


Are you a person with great sense of humor? Do people laugh at your hilarious jokes? Are you an amazing comedian? If you have all these traits, then make use of your talent to earn money. 

There are no dearths of earning opportunities but you must know how to make use of your skill to earn properly. So, when you have amazing sense of humour & know how to make a person laugh, then making extra money from your Funny Jokes & hilarious videos is super easy. It is widely known that laughter is a worldwide language, laughing hard keeps away stress and makes a person happy from inside. Every individual certainly enjoys laughing. So, when you have such incredible talent, its high time that you turn it into a profitable venture. 

Be A Stand-Up Comedian 

It is perhaps the best way for making money when you have such a great sense of humor. If you do not have stage fear and facing the audience, then possibly you can make a career in the entertainment industry as:

A comedian in restaurants, night clubs as well as in comedy bars.

An emcee for various events namely birthday parties, weddings, charity functions & so on.

An actor in movies. So join the industry by going to the auditions or talent search events. 

Choose To Become A Writer

If you have fear in facing the crowd, then you can choose to become a writer. All you can do is:

Write Funny Jokes for magazine or newspaper

You can write comical stories & bring out those stories as a book

You can write comical script for movies 

Sell Your Ideas 

The market of funny and witty shirts, mugs, stickers as well as other imprintable articles is immensely popular. So what you can do is write your ideas & sell them.  Start your apparel business; make personalized t-shirts, shirts and so on.  Don’t shy away from putting your ideas at work as there is always a room for fresh & unique ideas. 

The Santa Banta Jokes have become very popular among the people since its entry into the market.  You can take inspiration from those jokes and write unique jokes if you are running short of ideas and get those printed on clothes. 

Start Comical Blog

Making money online is now extremely easy by starting comical blog. The greatest thing about starting a funny blog is like you do not have to come up constantly with humorous & original content. There are numerous funny blogs from where you can draw inspiration for starting your own comical blog. You need to do a comprehensive survey for starting a funny blog successfully. 

Submit Jokes

Last but not the least, if you have written numerous funny jokes, then gives those jokes to magazines where Santa Banta Jokes also get published & which also offers a good payment for the contribution. There are some bestselling magazines which take funny jokes and offer a good payment. 

So, wait no more and make use of funny skill to earn money online. 


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