Mind-Blowing Facts to know about pranayama yoga and how it refines your body

Mind-Blowing Facts to know about pranayama yoga

Mind-Blowing Facts to know about pranayama yoga and how it refines your body

When one starts with their yoga practice, pranayama yoga is the first thing, to begin with. Pranayam yoga is the practice of breath regulation and benefits your overall mind and body when done every day. Pranayama is originated from the Sanskrit words “prana”, meaning life energy and “yama”, meaning control. The practice of pranayam yoga involves breathing exercises wherein you have to purposefully inhale and exhale and even hold your breath for a specific period.

Pranayama yoga can be done alone while also with other yoga poses and even during meditation. Nonetheless, pranayama benefits that you will inculcate once you imbibe it in your everyday regime. Here are a few mind-blowing benefits of pranayama yoga that you can achieve by practising it daily.

1. Decreases stress: Pranayama yoga calms the nervous system and decreases stress. Suppose you have an exam or an interview, practice pranayam yoga and reap the benefits. Pranayama will increase your brain’s oxygen intake, thus, supplying it generously to the vital organs of your body.

2. Improves sleep quality: Since pranayama yoga decreases stress levels, it automatically increases your sleep quality. So if you have trouble falling asleep at night, practice this breathing technique, and you’ll fall asleep faster. Not only that, but pranayama also decreases snoring and daytime laziness, ensuring better sleep at night.

3. Increases mindfulness: Pranayama yoga helps remove carbon dioxide and raises oxygen concentration, fueling brain cells. It contributes to mindfulness by improving focus and concentration. One can practice this amazing breathing technique before an exam to put their mind at peace while also increasing their concentration level by many folds. Once the mind is at peace, one can acquire solutions to a problem smoothly.

4. Reduces high blood pressure: High blood pressure or hypertension can lead to heart diseases, and to keep them at bay, one can indulge in pranayam yoga. Intense situations, when you focus on your breathing, you will feel calm, automatically stabilising your blood pressure.

5. Improves lung function: This is a no-brainer that pranayam yoga improves your overall lung function. If you have lung-related disorders like asthma or are recovering from pneumonia or tuberculosis, you should practice this breathing technique.

6. Enhances cognitive performances: Pranayama has the ability to improve your perceived level of stress and your reaction time. While this breathing technique benefits your lungs, it enhances your overall brain function. By indulging in pranayama yoga once a day, every day, you can improve your memory, cognitive flexibility and reasoning skills.

7. Reduces cigarette cravings: If you or your loved one is trying to quit smoking but having a tough time, practice pranayama yoga. Just 10 minutes of this breathing technique will decrease your craving to smoke.

While pranayama yoga offers a wide range of benefits for your mind and body, it also strengthens the connection between your mind and body. If you haven’t practised pranayama yoga before, note all these benefits that it has to offer and start with your practice today.


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