Preparation Tips and Strategy for JEE Mains


Preparing for the JEE Mains Exam is always challenging because you must prepare for both the class XII exam and the JEE Exam; therefore, proper planning and strategy for the exam are essential. You can take one or both exams, and the best of the two scores is used to determine your ranking. Every year, over 9 lakh candidates take the JEE Mains exam. So, if you want to rise above this group of aspirants, pay close attention to the tips and tricks listed below.

● Be aware of the syllabus and exams.

The first step in preparing for any exam is understanding the exam pattern and the topics covered. Understanding the syllabus and the importance assigned to each section will assist you in developing the best JEE Main preparation strategy. Also, get to know the entire syllabus. Knowing the syllabus will keep you from studying unnecessary topics. Then, go over the syllabus and label the topics as easy, moderate, or complex based on their difficulty level. This will aid in the development of the preparation strategy.

● Make a practical study plan.

Now that you’re familiar with the topics and the exam format, it’s time to devise a solid yet practical study plan that you can stick to. Your study plan must include the JEE Main preparation tips recommended by experts and toppers. Divide your study time into short sessions. After each session, take a five-to-ten-minute break. When you feel productive, study during those hours! Each student has their study style. So figure out yours and put it to good use. Calculate and divide your study hours based on the topics and effort required. The more difficult topics will require more time than the easier ones.

● Make unique JEE Mains preparation plans.

Now that the schedule has been established, you must begin adhering to it. While studying each topic, make a habit of taking notes and underlining essential points. Begin studying general topics in mathematics that will be applied in later chapters. Some of the general topics covered are trigonometry, coordinate geometry, differentiation, and integration. Make formulae and important-point sheets for each chapter that can be used as a revision sheet during the exam. In physics, try to understand diagrams and carefully read chapters. Create a chapter-by-chapter formula sheet that includes all the formulas and laws discussed in the chapter. Learn chemical equations and properties by heart in chemistry. Half of the questions are based on equations or chemical properties. Create a sheet for chemical equations and formulas to be used in answering questions after finishing each chapter. Next, follow the NCERT books exactly. NCERT books are used to answer more than half of the questions.

● Keep solving questions

JEE Main is an exam that tests your analytical and critical thinking abilities. The majority of the questions are calculation-based. As a result, answering questions while studying the topics is essential. Make it a habit to time your efforts when answering questions. Solve 25 questions in 50 minutes, for example. This will assist you in increasing your speed and managing your time during the JEE Main exam.


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