Top Superfoods For Summer

Top Superfoods For Summer

The weather is changing day by day and in another way of saying, it is getting warmer. You had better, therefore, prepare yourself everything to deal when summer comes. It is necessary, truly or you might find yourself in troubles with loss of health and skin issues as blackheads, burning tan, heat stress and so forth.

Along with some common good habit such as drinking enough water, doing exercises every day, you could also make use of natural home remedies and eat healthy foods that can turn useful during summer time. The foods should be rich in nutrient, water based-rich as well as can help your body to cool down. These superfoods are available, fortunately and you should know which one is good to eat on regular basis.

There are also a helpful advice for people when they choose things to eat is that you had better eat seasonal foods and fruits. This is the best way that help you to get full nutrients and vitamins from the foods as well as to save money for you know, if the foods are available, the cost of eating them will be lower.

Regarding to huffington’s post following are Top Superfoods for Summer for you should know to eat more of those during summer, most of them will be fruits.

  1. Apricots

It is easy to notice that apricots will appear in the orange yellow color in the round shape. This is also the indication that apricots is the excellent source of antioxidants beta-carotene. Also, apricots are rich in potassium, fiber as well as iron, all these are necessary vitamins and minerals that is needed for your overall health. For those who are on diet and want to improve their weight (to lose weight actually), this apricot is also good choice for it is rich in minerals and vitamins, however, it is actually low in calories so that they are diet-friendly.

You can eat apricots raw 15 minutes after daily meals, alternatively, you can also make apricots tea, which is the best way to save yourself from high-heat summer days. It would be healthy and tasty refreshment.

  1. Blueberries

Here comes the summer fruits, blueberries. They are super small, however contains lots of health benefits. Blueberries have something similar to apricots when it is rich in nutrients while being low in calories. The blue shade of carries most of the polyphenols in blueberries, which are the essential antioxidants that your body needs. Due to this reason, eating blueberries on regular basis is good way to avoid aging and prevent heart diseases. This is basically nutrients you will need when summer strikes in order to stay cool and healthy without acne. Also, good source of fiber and vitamin C from blueberries would be beneficial when you want to lose weight.

You could make your own blueberries smoothies during summer, alternatively, you could make it topping of to have yummy yogurt.

  1. Cherries

Summer means the good times of those who are big fans of cherries. This red fruit is beneficial for your skin and your aging process for it is loaded with anti inflammatory and antioxidants benefits. Also, it is the pinkish red and purple black’s shades of the fruit that indicate that this skin is packed with anthocyanins. These are in fact essential properties you will need in order to prevent the symptoms of arthritis as well as the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

The tip for summer is to eat as much cherries or red-like color fruit as possible. It will be worth it in the long term.

  1. Figs

During summer, you can totally count on figs for the antioxidants and anti inflammatory sources. Beyond that, these figs are good in helping you to provide potassium, calcium and beta-carontene, all the properties you will need in order to have perfect glowing skin during summer. Also, thanks to the nutrients it might bring, you can help your body staying away from fatigue and heat rashes or even weather allergies during summer.

The tip of consuming figs is to chop them into pieces then add them to hot or cold cereal then you can have it straight away.

  1. Mangoes

People might say mango are hot for summer, however, it is not the case for all dishes from mango are all yum and nutritious. You can make yourself mango salsa, mango salads and they are all be ingredient-rich dishes during summer time even when you do not mind eating. In fact, mangoes are packed with more than 20 different vitamins and minerals, plus, low in calories that can boost your digestive system.

Eating mango, in the meantime, can help you avoid the risk of blood sugar levels, high cholesterols as well as other dangerous disease.

  1. Zucchini

When it comes to vegetables, one of the most beneficial source you could choose is definitely zucchini. This fruit is rich known as the water based and vitamin, minerals rich foods. It would be a helping hand if you consume generally on regular basis to calm and cool yourself down a little bit.



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