Student Guide- After Effects Online Course’s Features & Benefits

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Are you a video editor or a digital marketer? Whatever the case, since online video consumption has increased, video editing has recently gained a lot of traction. Whatever the case, in order to master video editing, you must become familiar with a variety of software. There are several features in Adobe After Effects that will allow you to create videos using all of your imagination. It is a commonly used piece of software for adding effects to videos. Enrolling in an after effects online course will assist you in mastering this programme and video editing. Some of the advantages and characteristics of the after-effects course are covered here. Let’s look at them now.

Benefits of after effects course

Enrolling in an after effects online course has countless advantages because it gives you certain exclusive features not seen in other video editing programmes. Let’s examine a few advantages that after effects software offers to video editors.

  • Chroma key cutting: When you are editing a video and decide that the background needs to be changed because it doesn’t fit the scene or your vision, you may do so quickly and efficiently with Chroma key cutting.
  • Text animation: Utilize text animation if you want to draw more attention to the video’s text. Animation, it will highlight the text and provide the desired outcome.
  • Visual effects: You are aware of how commonly video creators utilize after effects to add visual effects to their videos. You can incorporate virtual graphics into your video clip using after effects.
  • Motion graphics animation: You may animate and add motion to your photos with the aid of an after effects online course. You can add combined motion and animation to the image with this tool.
  • Colour grading: You can clear the skin, modify the tone, and other parts of the video content’s colour with the use of this function in After Effects.

Some features of after effects

Below are some of the features you will be accessed to if you learn and enroll yourself in the after-effects online course.

  • The user of the After Effects software has access to a visual keyboard shortcut editor where they can design their own shortcuts for convenience.
  • Virtual Reality Composition Editor, Virtual Reality Converter, Virtual Reality Rotate Sphere, Data-Driven Animation, Enhanced 3D Pipeline, Text Input Improvements, and GPU Accelerated Effects are all available in After Effects.
  • Moreover, After Effects enables a productive workflow and an engaging user interface.
  • The path-making panel in After Effects makes it easy for users to construct Nulls, and the unique Expressions tool makes it simple for them to do so while also producing appropriate Masks, Shapes, and Brush lines.

With its incredible features and advantages, Adobe After Effects programme has turned into a blessing for all content creators and video editors. You can only learn excellent skills and become a master if you use them or learn them. The animation and motion graphics features will significantly improve your content.


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