Which rice cooker and warmer is the best

rice cooker and warmer

Have you ever discovered that after cooking rice in a cooker some rice was undercooked? No doubt, it is a very embarrassing situation, especially when you are going to serve it to your guest.

You can easily avoid this unexpected situation by purchasing a good quality rice cooker and warmer that don’t let your rice be uncooked.

But choosing a right cooker is not an easily task at all. Because there are a lot of cooker available at the market now and by the tricky marketing strategy of the different brand, you may be cheated!

Then what should you do? Don’t worry. If you just know that which feature you should look for at the time of purchasing a cooker, you can easily have a good one.

For you, I have brought up here a list of some good product and their pros and cons. Let’s see.

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 rice cooker and warmer

What We Like:

Very easy to clean; in fact,

Featured with removable lid and the cord retracts

Easier to wipe down

A number of settings for cooking brown rice, cakes, and sushi differently

Good timer

Can cook rice perfectly

Water won’t tend to spill

What We Dislike:

Rice takes more time to be cooked than some other models,

The programming seems a little bit complicated to figure out

The LCD display has no backlit,

Elechomes CR501 electric rice cooker, steamer, and warmer

What We Like:

Cooks rice perfectly, it is brown rice, white rice, or long grain rice

Has a good timer

The beep sound is nice and loud

The machine can automatically enter into warm mode once the rice is cooked

Built-in handle,

Perfect for cooking soup as well

What We Dislike:

The base on the large side may take more space of your kitchen

The steam basket is very small to steam meal fully

The Hannex RCTJ300S Ceramic Rice Cooker and Warmer

What We Like:

Minimal control panel and easy to use,

Fit for any kitchen

Pure design,

The 3-D heating system saves energy

Pity good Ceramic pot made of the healthiest material used for the first time ever in rice makers,

Very easy to clean

What We Dislike:

Take more time to cook

Produces new weird smell

Zojirushi NS-VGC05 Micom electric rice cooker and warmer

What We Like:

Programming of the cooker is very easy

Best suitable for smaller kitchens

Though small, can produce the decent amount of rice

Can produce perfectly fluffy rice

Unique device having a cute tune

This warmer can keep the rice of lunch time warm until dinner

Round exterior design

What We Dislike:

The drainage system is not much better

Condensation should be wiped

Cup measurements are not up to standard

Zojirushi NP-HCC18XH Induction Heating System Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1.8 L

What We Like:

Triple heating unit

GABA setting

Great machine to cook sprouted rice

Versatility in catering different types of rice

Timer works brilliantly

A good seal between the pot and lid

Easy to use

What We Dislike:

Warm function is not much better

Cord doesn’t retract

The lid can get stuck any times

Difficult to release rice when hot

Difficult to clean

Long cooking time

Tiger JNP-1800-FL rice cooker and warmer

What We Like:

Works pretty well

Can hold rice warm up to 12 hours or more

Can consistently produce nice cooked rice

Very easy to use; there’s only a single button

Easy to clean

Perfect for big families

Retractable power cord

What We Dislike:


The liquid can form outside the steam outlet

Bottom Line

As a whole, we see that different brand of the rice cooker and warmer has different features. But it is amazing that some of them have versatile features.

So, you can choose them if you want extra features from the cooker. In fact, your decision to buy a rice cooker also depends on some others factors like the.

I think you have now a clear concept about the features you should consider at the time of purchasing a cooker machine. Besides you know now the features of some of the best products available at the market now. So, why late? Pick your suitable one!


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