How to Decorate Shoe Storage?

Decorate Shoe Storage

The shelf for shoes is one of the smallest but important home details, as it is noticed as soon as we enter someone’s home. The shoe store is usually placed in front of the house, or in the hallway near the entrance, while the shoes we currently carry are most often linearly routed next to the main door. The is people who want to help you create the perfect home for you.

In Feng Shui philosophy, footwear is an important part of the lifestyle and should pay particular attention to the way and the place where it is deposited. In the following text, read some tips, but also prohibitions, which will help you organize your shoes so that it attracts wealth and happiness to your home.

Perfect height

According to the ancient Theory of three life forces, the height of the house is divided into three equal parts – the top is the Paradise, the middle of the Man, and the bottom of the Earth. The shelf in which the worn out and dirty shoes are deposited belongs to the section Earth. The height of the shelf should not exceed one-third of the height of the house. Traditional Feng Shui masters believed that if the shoe polish reached the middle level, the health of the house would be compromised. If the spatial arrangement in your home is such that the shoe is in the middle part, there is a solution – put a new one on the top and put on the bottom old and worn footwear.

Type of shoes

It is advisable to choose a shoemaker of a closed type, because it removes dirty footwear from the sight and prevents the spread of unpleasant odors. Another advantage of the built-in cabinet is that it can capture the negative energy when it is closed. However, the shoe should necessarily have ventilation slots.

Regarding the number of shelves, it is ideal to be five, so each represents one of the Five Elements – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. It is allowed that the cabinet has fewer than five shelves, but it should not have any more.

Happy decorations are not put on a shoe shelf

If you decide to decorate your home with several feng shui happy mascots (like a figure of the dragon), do not place these objects on the top of the footwear, as this decorative combination will attract bad feng shui energy.

Remove the footwear outfit from the bedroom

For practical reasons, ladies often put a shoe storage in their bedroom. However, the negative energy of the shaved shoes can strongly affect the entire atmosphere of the room, and even jeopardize important life aspects, such as marriage. If you already have a storage room for sleeping in the bedroom, the only solution is to move it urgently to another room.
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