Out with Cardboard, in with Plastic: Why You Should Make the Switch to Plastic Crates

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Out with Cardboard, in with Plastic: Why You Should Make the Switch to Plastic Crates

Logistics for residential moves can be stressful, especially when it comes to packing and transporting belongings. Furniture and accessories have to be packed in different ways, and sometimes certain kinds of materials have to be joined together. While cardboard boxes have been the staple for movers, a lot of innovations have been happening behind the scenes. A part of this is the rise of plastic crates as a replacement for cardboard boxes for moving. Here’s why you should probably make the switch:

  • Ease of handling and stackable. One of the best features of plastic crates may perhaps be attributed to ease of handling and its nature of being stackable. Not all cardboard crates are of the same size, meaning not all boxes will be able to stack on top of one another. Whereas plastic crates, especially from the same provider, will most likely have a uniform size, making them stackable inside trucks and other vehicles. This makes them ideal for long-distance moves, such as when moving companies NYC use them to move your things to your New York home, or in other places. Plastic crates are easy to carry, especially since they most likely have secure handles designed for proper carrying.
  • Generally affordable and cheap. If you plan on using plastic crates, or if you plan on hiring a service to provide plastic crates, you might be surprised to learn that they’re much cheaper to acquire – and last much longer. They make an excellent investment, especially if you plan on storing some of your stuff at home. On the end of moving companies, plastic crates can be cheaper on their end in terms of logistics and supplies.
  • Lightweight but durable containers. The primary appeal of plastic crates lies in both their weight and sturdiness. Cardboard boxes that usually have to be folded, and aren’t always strong enough to hold a large amount of weight. Whereas plastic crates were made out of high-density polyethylene, making them durable, strong, and extremely lightweight. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic crates won’t break on their own weight, they won’t crash, collapse, or even rip. They’re much safer and a much more efficient choice for moves.
  • Resistance to water, weather, elements. Aside from their durability and weight capacity, plastic crates boast great water-resistance and resistance to weather and the elements as well. This means plastic crates can hold its shape despite weather conditions, and they can resist rotting, mildew, mold, and moisture. Given the way plastic crates are created, sealing them will most likely mean external elements won’t be able to reach them.
  • Reusable and sustainable multiple times. If you’re planning on making your move have as least impact on the environment as possible, you may want to switch to plastic crates. Cardboard boxes aren’t the most durable containers, as they only last a few moves. However, plastic crates are reusable not just for moves but as other forms of containers as well. You don’t need to throw plastic crates immediately, and can be recycled should they be used as crates anymore.
  • Ease of transport for professional moving companies. Movers, in general, will most likely be able to handle all sorts of moving responsibilities, especially given this is their specialization. However, plastic crates may be able to help them do their jobs more efficiently because of ease of access, as well as the ease of moving these crates around. This might not seem much, but the added logistical support may be able to make the moving process faster.

Plastic Crates: Make The Switch for Your Move

With the tips above, you might be surprised to learn that plastic crates aren’t just new and novel for residential moves, but they can prove extremely helpful for your needs. As plastic is more durable, sturdier, and long-lasting, plastic crates can definitely secure your belongings as they get transported to your dream home. This proves useful not just for moves in general, but for long-distance travel, for moving delicate and fragile belongings, and to guarantee safety from harsh elements that cardboard boxes won’t usually be able to provide.


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