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Poison 2

Poison 2

Poison 2 is the continuation of the web series Poison which is an Indian Hindi-language web series that is streaming on ZEE5. The eleven-episode web series is directed by Jatin Wagle and fixed by Shiraz Ahmed. It casts some of the best actors, like Arbaaz Khan, Freddy Daruwala, Riya Sen and Tanuj Virwani. The web series is Arbaaz Khan’s digital presentation. 

Ranveer, as played by Tanuj completes his prison sentence for a crime which he didn’t commit. He sets out to Goa in a chase for revenge. Vikram, as played by Freddy, is a DSP who aspires to turn out to be the police commissioner and sets out to snitch a don named Antonio Verghese, played by Arbaaz, who operates from Goa. Aren’t you excited to know what happens when the lives of these three men interweave with each other? This idea of revenge and the thrill forms the nuts and crux of the web series- Poison 2

The online web series, Poison was one of the seventy-two shows that were declared at ZEE5’s foremost-anniversary event in February 2019. However, the reports about the series’ cast were being made in the early hours on January 2019. The new series grades the second alliance between Arbaaz Khan and ZEE5. Poison 2 has got two eminent digital debudants- Arbaaz Khan and Freddy Daruwala. 

Many are well acquainted with the story of Poison. For those, who had relatively a less idea about it here goes the story as after being unconfined from the jail Ranveer eliminates one of his enemies and moves to Goa. Before his retirement, the Police Commissioner enlists DSP Vikram to nab Antonio Verghese, a tarnished don from Goa. In the mean time, sub-inspector Nandu investigates the murder which was committed by Ranveer. DSP Vikram prepares his men to take hold of Antonio’s drug consignment.

Chris misbehaves with Jhanvi at a club before Ranveer comes to save her. Ranveer takes advantage of Vikram’s absence while leaves for Mumbai and tries to make an impression in front of Vikram’s family members. Rani and her gang break into Ranveer’s house after killing the broker. Followed by a number of incidents and accidents, the thrill continues when Ranveer meets Jhanvi and reveals about his past. Megha gets the shock of her life in Natasha’s home. 

On the other hand, Vikram gets infuriated and slaps Jhanvi for meeting Ranveer. Chris plans to kill Ranveer but Rani interferes and stops them. Being upset over his bail getting discarded, Verghese gets Vikram framed in a fake corruption case and Megha comes to bail him out. Using this opportunity, Ranveer kidnaps Vikram’s family. Vikram gets enraged to know that Ranveer spied on his family and has kidnapped them. Unable to contact his family, Vikram seeks assistance from the Commissioner. At the end of the day, Ranveer calls Vikram to a secluded guest house where the family is being held captive. Now, the question is will Vikram manage to save his family?

If you want to catch up with the later part of the series, do not miss any of the episodes which would be streaming on ZEE5 from the 30th April’2020 as confirmed till now. Keep yourself hooked up to ZEE5 to know more about the trailer and do not miss the show.


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