Broker Brings Forex Trading to the Masses

FxTrade777 - Forex Trading

Stepping into the world of Forex trading can seem a daunting proposition. Even people who are experienced in other forms of investing can find themselves scratching their head when trying to get started trading foreign currency. With the multitude of different options available to investors, We will review is a resource for traders across the entire spectrum of experience, from beginner to grizzled veteran.

To start, FxTrade 777 is a comprehensive Forex trading platform. Your local bank might buy and sell a handful of different currencies, but you just aren’t going to find the same level of convenience or flexibility as you will on sites like FxTrade777. Traders have the option of using either the web-based terminal or the versatile Meta Trader 4 platform to complete their orders.

After setting up and funding your account, you’ll need to complete an identity verification process. In today’s world identity theft and fraud are huge problems, and any site you do business with should make clear what steps they are taking to not only protect their clients but the entire financial system as a whole from the devastating effects of financial crime. FxTrade777 highlights the fact that all of the funds invested by clients are kept fully segregated from operational capital. Additionally, all activities on the platform are secured by 256-bit RapidSSL encryption.

If you’re new to the world of Forex, FxTrade 777 has you covered on that front. There’s a robust offering of training materials including e-books, interactive tutorials, and a glossary of industry terms. Of course, most of the materials cover topics specifically related to Forex trading, but you can also find e-books on topics such as stock and CFD (Contract for Difference) trading, allowing you to expand your level of financial literacy and increase your ability to make money trading in the financial markets on All of these materials are free once you register your account.

Another great feature for newbies looking to get their feet wet in the world of Forex trading is FxTrade777’s demo account. If you’re on the fence about whether to dive into the Forex game, you can open a demo account, which lets you make trades and monitor their progress and outcomes over time, just like you would with a real account. The only difference is since you don’t actually fund a demo account, you don’t have any skin in the game. If you decide to up the ante, then your demo account can easily be converted to a live account.

A unique aspect of Forex trading is its truly global scope. Almost anyone anywhere can participate in the market. This highly global, multicultural environment is highlighted in the Islamic account offered on the site. Because Sharia law prohibits certain common trading practices, the Islamic account accommodates Muslim members with an option that adheres to the tenets espoused by Sharia law. FxTrade 777 doesn’t charge any extra fees beyond those that apply to regular trading accounts.

The world is constantly changing. Politics, war, natural disasters, and other events are constantly shaping and reshaping the global landscape. There is something uniquely special about the way foreign currency trading binds different people, countries, and cultures together. The simple act of exchanging one cultural token for another can have a profoundly humbling effect, far beyond the surface exchange of funds. To be a successful Forex trader is to be a true citizen of the world, always dialed into the cultural, economic, and political vibrations that shape modern society. Sites like FxTrade777 give everyone a chance to do this.


  1. I`m not experienced in trading and this article is very useful for me. I could usethe training materials that Fxtrade 777 offers.

  2. Interesting article. The bad thing about trading being available to the masses is the overall
    negative effect on the economy… Like the financial crisis from 2008 starting from the States. More regulations needed in my opinion. Whatsoever people’s greed has no limits and this is the sad about all. We have forgotten how to keep the balance in economy, in life, in almost every aspect of life… Greetings from Norway;

  3. I agree with B.Olsen, when I was little, life was easier, much simpler. We have lost
    ourselves in the chase for money. In UK it’s all the same, big corporations being unattainable.
    No one knows what’s happening inside these grand buildings… Тransparency needed. Thank
    you Jolsen for thinking a bit differently.


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