Why Responsive Design is so important in Website Development

Responsive Design with Blog Guru

Do you have any website? Is your website working properly? Is is Responsive? All these questions are pretty much important when we are talking about – ‘Website Developmen’. Website Development deals with the website that may be static web page or dynamic web page that is created in HTML, CSS and other functional programming languages.

It is easy to develop any website nowadays, non developers are also capable to work on such platforms, as there are tons of tutorials and videos are booming on the Internet that can help both developers and non developers in creating websites, but certainly all functions are not covered in videos or in tutorials, Talking about the Responsive Design in website development is the necessary thing nowadays as people are not only using PC to connect with the Internet, but they are also using handheld devices for surfing and searching, so if you had made your website according to PC only, then your website is totally out of the path in website development, as your website will not work on Mobile or any other platforms.

Responsive web design is a way to deal with web design went for creating sites to give an optimal viewing and interaction experience simple reading and navigation with minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling over an extensive range of devices (from desktop PC screens to mobile phones).

With simple bonding of HTML and CSS you can make your website responsive, with responsive website you are having better advantage in terms of website ranking, as responsive is also the major factor that Google takes in making your High PR website.

Advantages of Website Responsive:

1) Super Flexible

2) Excellent User Experience

3) Cost Effective

4) Recommended by Google

5) Very easy to Manage

6) Consolidate your analytics and reporting

7) It will increase your visibility in search engines.

8) Enhance your offline browsing experience



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